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Brightlink Power Testing Limited

Brightlink Power Testing Limited is a Stafford based company incorporated under the laws of United Kingdom. It was founded in 2016 with the aim of delivering electrical commissioning and maintenance services for the high voltage electrical assets such as power transformers, shunt reactors, switchgears, protection and control panels in the UK as well as offshore and overseas.

Our team of highly qualified and competent commissioning engineers and technical support professionals commit to represent our customers' interests at all stages of manufacturing, factory testing, site installation and commissioning.

We have a proven track record at all voltage levels up to and including 400kV and our professionals hold current UK authorisations to allow efficient site working.

We are based in the West Midlands, which makes us ideally situated for the prompt response to our customers anywhere in the UK, by offering comprehensive and professional solutions.

Brightlink’s core principles are:
· Working always in accordance with the health and safety regulations
· Compliance with the ethical values
· Focus on the customer satisfaction
· Prompt action in urgent needs


Power transformers are widely considered the most expensive and critical components in electrical transmission and distribution networks. During its whole life (transportation, installation or under service operation), it is exposed to transient and steady-state stresses that can affect its condition as well as its service life. Therefore, regular diagnostic testing and monitoring for condition assessment are crucial for its successful operation and the reliability of the power system.

Diagnostic testing will help you to determine your asset's condition and choose the right corrective measures to ensure reliable operation and extend the transformer's life expectancy.

Brightlink Power Testing Limited offers complete whole life support starting from the commissioning to condition assessment and maintenance services.

Based on the testing results, we make appropriate recommendations for repairs or services to correct the identified problems and/or directly take the necessary actions, including but not limited to the following, to get the equipment operating in accordance with manufacturer specifications:
- Recondition of insulation (Drying, oil treatment, oil change)
- Maintain auxiliary components (Tap changers, cooling system, breather)
- Replace the relevant parts (Bushings, gaskets, pumps and fans)

You enjoy complete peace of mind knowing we take care of every aspect of your transformer, from the planning, method statements and risk assessments, to liaising with the necessary authorities and booking any additional contractors or equipment required.


The proper functioning of a medium- voltage switchgear, the tasks of all equipment must be closely interlinked: current and voltage transformers provide the values for the secondary equipment and protection devices to be able to react immediately in the event of a fault. Various switching scenarios are handled by disconnectors, breakers and grounding switches.

Our commissioning engineers are fully conversant with all types of modern switchgear and protection equipment. We are equipped with the most recent test equipment including three phase programmable relay tests sets together with the necessary software to permit the test of the most complex devices.

Our experienced engineers can perform cold and hot commissioning tests and tasks, which will ensure that the products perform exactly as per their design intent, and provide the full test documentation .

We also offer maintenance services such as performance of periodical functional and performance tests to confirm that the system is still working correctly.

Protection Panels

We provide a full commissioning service and support to ensure that the protection and control schemes, current and voltage transformers, circuit breakers, disconnectors, battery chargers and all related products are implemented perfectly into the customer’s system.

Our expertise also covers testing and commissioning of relays and associated systems to ensure that these are operating properly and wired correctly.

Our engineers check that the relay settings are correct and perform system functional tests to verify the integrity of the system. The relays are run through trip checks to make sure they pass acceptance testing. System wiring is verified against as built drawings. We always provide documentation on findings, including the test reports.



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