June 15, 2017



Engineering Services

Within the scope of engineering services, Brightlink offers the following:

· Short circuit calculations
· Load flow analysis
· Protective relay coordination studies
· Grounding calculations
· Sizing calculations (Transformers, cables, batteries, breakers, CT/VT's etc.)
· Power system stability

Brightlink’s aim is to provide engineering services with high international standards in cooperation with, when needed, local and global partners in order to provide reliable and quick solutions to the potential customers.



Installation Services

Brightlink offers installation services for:

· Power Plants
· Industrial Plants
· Substations


Testing and Commissioning

Brightlink offers testing and commissioning of:

· Power Plants
· Control Centers
· Energy Monitoring Systems
· Medium Voltage and High Voltage Substations
· Protection Relays

thanks to its high technology equipments.

Equipment Hiring

Brightlink uses the following internationally accredited high tech test equipments, which are also subject to hiring to third parties based on their availability

Omicron CPC 100-CP TD1

Primary Test System

Omicron CMC 356

Universal Relay Test & Commissioning System

Megger MIT-525  

5kV Insulation Resistance Tester